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Journal of Wild Mushrooming Winter 2022 Interview with Bob Blanchette


Cover photo for issue 61 (4) of the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation


Rhizomorphs above and below ground: finally we see the humongous fungus FUNGI Magazine Winter 2022


Fighting for Minnesota's Trees UMN News Dec 2, 2021


Century-old textiles woven from fascinating fungus. Scientific American 324 (6):21 June 2021


U of M study: Fungi may stop the emerald ash borer Duluth News Tribune March 15 2021


University of Minnesota works on 'attack fungi' that could fight emerald ash borer Star Tribune March 10 2021


U of M scientists discover attacking fungi that show promise against emeral ash borer Minnesota News


Subterranean fungi could be key to treating devastating bat disease The Minnesota Daily 2021


Imperial Fungal Treasures of the Qianlong Emperor FUNGI Magazine Fall 2020


This mysterious Arctic tree stump could reveal ancient secrets. MACLEAN'S Oct 2019


Glossy with Grandeur: The laccate Ganoderma of North America. FUNGI Magazine Spring 2019.


'Indiana Jones' of fungi helps to save Egyptian artifacts Minnesota Daily


Insights from fungal damage bridge thousands of years, point to better preservation. CFANS News UMN


Article about our recent paper in Frontiers in Microbiology: What is the 'Mushroom of Immortality' Forbes Magazine


Wood Decay: The action behind the polypores. Fall 2018 FUNGI Magazine


Fungi Live Large at the Poles. Published in I Contain Multitudes (Published by HHMI a science philanthropy whose mission is to advance biomedical and science education for the benefit of humanity). Also another article by Kristen French published in HHMI: BioInteractive Fungi Live Large at the Poles


Microbes Living in Antarctic Huts Produce Novel Chemical Compounds. Scientific American June 2018


Historic wonders of the fungal world: The evil demon hand and Fungus digitatus. FUNGI Magazine


A rare wonder of the fungal world. FUNGI Magazine


New report of Heterobasidion root rot found in Minnesota Outdoor News


Cover photo for PLOS Genetics


Cover photo and illustration for the "Journal of Natural Products".


Cover photo for "Applied and Environmental Microbiology"


Treading into a gray area along the spectrum of wood decay fungi. JGI News Releases


Survivers on Elm Street: A handful of trees may hold the key to disease resistance. Solutions Magazine


Arctic Driftwood Reveals its Secrets. ScienceShot AAAS


Identified: Mushrooms found near Palmer Staion appear to be common but very poisonous. The Antarctic Sun


Tracking the Remants of the carbon cycle: How an ancestral fungus may have influenced coal formation. DOE Joint Genome Institute News Release.


Secrets of World Trade Center shipwreck sleuthed out. Discovery Channel News


The Fungus Detective: Robert Blanchette goes to extremes to solve microscopic mysteries. Minnesota Magazine


Finding Feisty Fungi in Antarctica. Smithsonian Magazine


Frozen in Time: Graduate students search for new fungi in Antarctica. Solutions Magazine


Agarwood: The sweet smell of success. New Agriculturalist


The Smell of Success: Scientists from the University of Minnesota are saving the endangered Aquilaria tree, and with it, lives. Minnesota Business


Living History: Cultural artifacts are crawling with damaging microbes. Science News



Canoe in PNG going up river

Heading up river in a remote area of Papua New Guinea to a research site. Our research has taken place in many regions of the world and has had great success. Some of these general articles have been written by us and others by journalists.We thank the writers of these magazine articles (see links to the left) for their efforts to provide information to the public on the work we have done.




































































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