Your contributions to our research are important to help us carry out our work in Minnesota, around the Nation and throughout the world. Please consider a tax deductible gift today.

Funding for our research comes from many sources, such as the National Science Foundation, U. S. Department of Agriculture, nonprofit foundations, industry and most importantly the public. All contributions are tax deductible and are used to aid research and education in forest and shade tree pathology, wood microbiology and forest mycology. Donations are important sources of funding for our work and these funds help insure the success of our research efforts in Minnesota and throughout the world. If you would like to help support our research projects please consider a contribution to:

The Research fund in the Department of Plant Pathology to support current research activities in forest pathology, wood microbiology, forest mycology and international conservation projects ( University of Minnesota Foundation Fund #7610).

Contributions can be made online directly to the University of Minnesota Foundation.

You can also contact the UMN foundation directly and indicate: "The contribution is for Forest Pathology Research Support Fund # 7610 - to support research in forest pathology, wood microbiology, forest mycology, historic and archaeological wood investigations and international collaborative projects on fungi".

For more specific information contact Professor Blanchette at [email protected]

Another fund you may be interested in contributing to is the:

Urban Tree Pathology Endowment in the Department of Plant Pathology. This endowment recognizes the leadership and pioneering efforts of the late Professor David W. French on Dutch elm disease, oak wilt and other urban tree problems. It supports urban tree pathology teaching and research at the University of Minnesota.